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Easter Island Head. Dublin

Dublin Moai "Story bud"

Dublin Moai “Story bud”

You could fly Dublin to Heathrow, then catch a flight half way around the world to Santiago, Chile and get a connecting flight to Easter Island deep in the South Pacific to check out the giant Moai heads. Alternatively you can just take a DART to Clontarf, North Dublin.

The Chilean Government donated a Moai head to Ireland back in November 2004. Relations between the two countries where at a rosy high back then. Former President Mary McAleese completed a State visit to South America, including Chile accompanied by an Irish trade mission that year. Back in 2003 former Chilean President Ricardo Froilán Lagos Escobar hit Temple Bar on a similar ‘state’ visit.

He had such good craic he sent us this 3m Moai as a present, not bad considering the originals average out at 4m. The only catch was we had to cover the postage which is what is widely believed to be the root cause of  Ireland’s subsequent financial meltdown.

It is a replica, however it was carved from actual Easter Island volcanic rock by artist Alejandro Pakarati, an Easter Island native himself. It can be found on the Clontarf promenade. If you search for Vernon Court and Clontarf Road on Google Maps you will find the Moai (about 30m West) on the grass green across from this intersection looking out to sea.

There are no two identical Moai’s in existence with approximately 1000 on Easter Island and just the one in Dublin.

There you are now, there are actually 1001 Maoi’s in the world, who knew?



 Harlech House Gate

Harlech House Gate

Middle Earth was actually Suburban Dublin

No JRR Tolkien didn’t live here. These are the gates to a Harlach House, tucked away in a housing estate in Clonskeagh, South Dublin. Yes a normal nondescript housing estate. Except for the gaf in the corner with the Dragon Gates. The original house was built in 1798; however since 1993 it has gotten something of a facelift…and we are not just talking botox injections to the forehead. This quirky house has a lot more to offer with its own website and more images here:  Harlach House

For the location just search for the street ‘ Harlech Downs’ on Google Maps. You won’t miss it.

There you are now. Ireland. Home to Leprechauns, Fairies and Hobbits.


 Birr Castle Telescope

The Great Telescope Birr Castle

The Great Telescope Birr Castle

Quite cool for Ireland in 1900 (see here: Picture of Telescope in 1900).

A full on astronomy telescope at Birr Castle, County Offaly.
The largest in the world at that time!

There you are now, go tell that to your science teacher.


Highest Cliffs In Ireland

Croghaun Cliffs, Achill Island, County Mayo

Croghaun Cliffs, Achill Island, County Mayo

The highest cliffs in Ireland? The Cliffs of Moher?
Nope. Try the Cliffs of Croaghaun.

The highest in Ireland and the third highest cliffs in Europe. Found on the West Coast, this mountain on Achill Island soars to 688m developing a natural sheer wall rising out of the wild waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

There you are now, a bit of trivia for the pub tonight.


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